JOshua Landry (percussion)
Brittany Hendrick (vocals, bass, manager, producer, wardrobe, baked goods, Co-Editor in Chief)
Mike Garcia (guitars, vocals, webmaster, proofreader, Co-Editor in Chief)

Other credits

PJ Dennehey: Backwards harmonica, Staff Writer
Jimmy Chamberlin: Oh God, music is so powerful!
Jeff Elbel: Supreme Overlord of That Little Corner over There
Benjamin Ellis: Beverage wholesaler
Tim Friese-Greene: Therapist
Brian Futter: The only ginger deity in the Western world
Dave Hawes: Lab assistant
Merck Mercuriadis: Hairball
Gerry Moylan: Who?
Dick Robinson: Resident piñata
Neil Sims: Banananananans
Storm Thorgerson: RIP
Warren Zevon: Bad influence
John Kalodner: John Kalodner


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Futter is a work of fiction based very loosely on the lives of the non-fictional UK band The Catherine Wheel. These pages are to be taken as examples of irony and satire. We also reserve the right to use subtle humor. If, in the course of doing so, we employ humor so subtle that it does not register on your personal radar, we encourage you to adjust your settings.

This site is intended for amusement only. Whether or not you are actually amused by it is another matter altogether.

ICBINF began operations in December 2000. It might be updated sometime, somewhere, somehow, if the band does anything worthy of mockery. This site is hosted by DreamHost.

PS: Merck is not dead. Yet.

4 thoughts on “Credits

  1. I had to vent this somewhere..
    I can’t believe that first..they replace Dave with a face man.
    Was he the billy sheehan of CW?

    then..rob cockinson decides or take sthe advice to be a morrison hotel minus i can’t believe futter and sims are in fiddy foot monster and not doing that great.
    hopefully they’re happy enough.
    rob, that stuck up..thick accented english cunt.
    How dare dare they?!

    come on, get it together…
    as if contending with negative feedback from slowdive snobs wasn’t enough…
    peter gabriel is overrated, too.
    so, hey um (or should i say) that almighty snobby “erm”…
    ROB…let’s get the band back together.
    For the fans…i already took an 1/th inch out of my soundcard and realtime taped that “show me mary” remake you tried to scam us with.
    and “erm”, ha..took it out of my ipod mix list almost as soon as it got there.

    I know I replaced it with 50 foot monster “call to prayer”
    finally, something different.

    sorry..i’ve been rude like this.
    fucking hell though

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