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W. W. R. D. bracelet

Forget that Jesus guy! Now you can show your support for Rob Dickinson with this special bracelet. Anytime you’re in a tough situation and you don’t how to handle it, just look at your arm and think, “What Would Rob Do?”. The R. is stitched in pink.

“I love these things! I have one for each wrist! My left one keeps falling off, but I don’t get mad about it because Rob would never do that!”—Rob Dickinson

PRICE: What would Rob pay?

AVAILABILITY: Try later… Can’t seem to keep these in stock.


Genuine walkinthedream® CD-Rs

This is the real item, only available here and on eBay. You get all of the Catherine Wheel b-sides, complete and in one package. Why buy a bunch of CD singles, with all of that annoying packaging, when Lewis Slade has done all the work for you? Best of all, these CD-Rs were actually burned by some unknown person months ago, so his hands are clean!

“Order now, and I’ll Xerox the cover artwork for you.”—Lewis Slade

PRICE: £25

AVAILABILITY: Sorry… Lewis keeps selling out!


Futter’s debut CD: Causing a Ruckus!

This first solo record from the CW guitarist is stuffed to the gills with slammin’ riffs and rockin’ solos. It also features vocals by Jay Gordon of Neve! The result, according to the Seattle Tribune, is “a cross between Marilyn Manson, Gravity Kills, Quiet Riot and Belinda Carlisle. With attitude.” Produced by Bob Rock.

“This record is an unabashed forerunner to a butt-rock revival that nobody in the music business is looking forward to. But for some reason, I can’t seem to find anything bad to say about it! Yay, Brian!”—Heather Space, Hybrid Magazine

PRICE: Best offer

AVAILABILITY: Currently out of print.


One million Wishville CDs

Have you ever wished the Catherine Wheel would go platinum? Well, here’s your chance to make that dream a reality. Just buy this truckload of CDs, and the band will be on their way to fame… they might even get played on MTV or something!

“If any of you really gave a shit you would do this.”—Merck Mercuriadis

PRICE: $18,980,000.00 (Sale!: Now $250)

AVAILABILITY: Email Merck for details.



7 thoughts on “ICBINF merchandise page

  1. These are phoney blogna..but it would be a nice addition.
    The guitar effect stage set-up blueprint, that is.

  2. I might be willing to get in on the action of the Wishville CD’s. Any way to get them autographed?

  3. I did a cover album of Futter’s Causing a Ruckus solo debut. Never got to hear it so, mine are merely “interpretations”. Plenty of gems to be found, though.

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