Is he or isn’t he? MuchMusic pokes Dickinson

Commentator Sook-Yin and Dickinson share a tender moment.

The Catherine Wheel’s largest fanbase is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Because of that fact, the band has done numerous television interviews for MuchMusic, Canada’s answer to MTV. The problem with MuchMusic is that it is not available to everybody; therefore, those without MuchMusic never get to see CW interviews. Fortunately, we are able to offer our readers a transcript of the most recent interview. Enjoy!

Transcription by Brittany H.
ICBINF Co-Editor in Chief

Sook-Yin: Hey, guys! Welcome to The Wedge! I am your host, Sook-Yin. Joining us today is UK band and Toronto favorite, Catherine Wheel! With me, I have [emphatically pointing to each band member while reading notes] Rooob, Brian and Neeeiil! Welcome back, guys!

Band: [grunts in unison] Thanks.

Sook-Yin: Tell me what you’ve been up to!

Brian: Well, we have a new album comi—

Sook-Yin: That’s wonderful. Rob, last time we spoke, you were telling me about about your last record, Adam and Eve, and how it dealt with relationships. Have you been in any relationships since then?

Rob: Um…n-no, not really. I’ve pretty much kept to myself the past few years.

Sook-Yin: So, you’re not seeing anyone.

Rob: Not at the moment, no.

Sook-Yin: You’re not married, then.

Rob: No.

Sook-Yin: Sooo…are you single?

Rob: [pause] Yes!

Sook-Yin: Are you choosing to be single?

Rob: I, uh, ummm, errrr—

Neil: Rob just hasn’t found that special some—

Sook-Yin: That is really great, Ned. Rob, is there any specific reason why you are not married?

Rob: [looks off-camera at Merck Mercuriadis for help] Umm…

Merck: [mouths] Chemistry!

Rob: [mouths] What?

Merck: [screaming whisper] Chem-is-try!

Rob: Oh! Right! Umm, chemistry! Yes! Lack of…chemistry.

Sook-Yin: So, you’re saying you’re not compatible with anyone.

Rob: Uh, I guess…

Sook-Yin: You haven’t met anyone you’d be interested in spending the rest of your life with.

Rob: I suppose….

Neil: I have a funny story—

Sook-Yin: Is there something wrong with you, Rob?

Rob: Not that I’m aware of… [looks to Merck for help]

Merck: [jumps up and down and waves arms wildly]

Brian: Can we just talk about Wishville—

Sook-Yin: Oooh, I’m sorry! That’s all the time we have for today! Join us next week when special guest Gavin Rossdale will be in the studio, and we’ll talk to him about his relationships! See you then!

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  1. I’m pretty certain I have that very exchange on a musty VHS tape somewhere in my basement. I could send it to you if you ever want to complete the article with a video.

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