Dickinson dismisses rumors of silly album title

Mike G.
Co-Editor In Chief

Catherine Wheel fans can breathe a sigh of relief: despite rumors to the contrary, Rob Dickinson’s album will not have a silly title.

ICBINF insider staff confirmed this in an interview with Dickinson, former Catherine Wheel singer and guitarist, on the release date of the CD.

“Haha!” Dickinson laughed. “As if I’d be silly enough to name my first solo album Fresh Wine for the Horses! Doh! Talk about a career-killer! Stick me in the oven… I’m done! Hahahaha. What the flaming fuck does that even mean?! Fresh wine for the… Jesus Christ!! Give me a break!

Rob Dickinson’s self-designed album cover.

“I wonder who started that rumor—Dave, perhaps?”

(Dickinson, of course, was referring to Dave Hawes, erstwhile bassist for the Catherine Wheel and vicious slanderer of all CW-related efforts post 1998. In reality, Hawes has been sleeping under an oak tree in Ashtabula, Ohio since mid-2002.)

“Merck has assured me that the album has been released with a very deep and profound title,” Dickinson continued, “and Merck, as far as I know, has never been wrong.”

So what is this long-awaited title?

“Well, I’ve always wanted to release a double album,” Dickinson said. “You know, my solo stuff plus some Wishville b-sides. The fans don’t deserve anything less after five years. So get this—”I’m calling the double album My Porsche Is Yellow.”

Say what?

“Yeah, yeah, think about it.” Dickinson persisted. “Everyone knows that I have two sides to me. So I’m putting out a disc of songs called My Porsche—very manly title—and a second disc, Is Yellow. I mean, for God’s sake, is there anything more coy than the color yellow? It’s fucking genius!

“I know some of you American car lovers aren’t going to be fond of it, but hey! I am who I am! My name is love, I can’t be bound!”

Later, however, Dickinson relented: “I guess I wouldn’t mind if there were some sort of compromise. Fresh Wine for the Porsches, perhaps. That’s almost as good. I’d autograph that.”


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