CWCC cover art contest winner chosen

Brittany H.
Co-Editor In Chief

After months of debates, threats and nasty emails to each other, the committee members for the Catherine Wheel Cover Compilation, or CWCC, have settled on the album’s cover art.

“This is an exciting time for us!” member Heather P. stated, who also made the official announcement on the CWCC website. “We are one step closer to the completion of our project.”

“Yes,” P.’s partner, Marsh P., agreed. “Now all we have to worry about is funding, production, mastering, layout, packaging, sales, advertising, distribution, and lawyers’ fees. Other than that, we’re well on our way!”

The proposed cover (copyright 2002 Brittany H.).

Member Aaron T. added, “It’s great to know that a lot of our anxieties can be allayed, and we give credit to this wonderful piece of art.”

The CWCC committee did not work alone in its decision. The committee staged a contest, which invited Catherine Wheel fans to submit artwork pertinent to the title of the album, Too Much Is Not Enough. The anonymous entries were then posted on the CWCC website, where fans could vote on their favorites.

The fans unanimously chose the work of Brittany H., who is one half of the responsible party on the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Futter” literary team.

“We received a number of excellent entries,” CWCC webmaster and ICBINF collaborator Mike G. reported. “However, this was the shining star of the bunch. Storm Thorgerson had better step aside. And it’s not just because Brittany is a friend of mine, either. Absolutely not.”

Back cover art (copyright 2002 Brittany H.).

H.’s association with G. briefly raised speculation that the contest was perhaps fixed in her favor. It was later proven impossible, since G. knew H. to be technologically backward, and therefore, presumably unable to scan a picture for submission.

“The claims were outrageous!” G. thundered. “I can’t even get Brittany to send me an Easter basket! So what would make anyone think that I’d know about her scanning a picture and entering it in a contest?!”

G. grew thoughtful. “She is a sly one, though. I don’t know how she got that by me. Not bad, for someone who has a 200 MHz computer with Windows ’95 and Netscape Gold 3.01 browser.”

Impending disqualification did not dampen H.’s spirits. She dismissed the accusations, with a wave of her hand, as jealousy.

“People just don’t recognize good art when they see it,” H. sniffed. “Especially when someone else’s artwork gains accolades over their own.”

Controversies and grumblings aside, Catherine Wheel band members were most pleased with the contest results.

“This is the most accurate representation of the band I’ve seen in a long time, both musically and visually combined,” commented CW manager and walking PR machine, Merck Mercuriadis. “I’m moving to acquire the rights to the artwork so that we may use it freely, whenever we wish.”

Inside art (copyright 2002 Brittany H.).

“I admit I cried when I saw the layout,” guitarist Brian Futter stammered. “I have never been so awestruck. It’s touching to know that there are people out there who dedicate their time toward creating ideas and artwork with their own hands, in our honor.”

When asked how she came upon the idea for her masterpiece, H. responded with what seemed to be the same amount of shock she received when the concept first arrived to her.

“I don’t know!” the bewildered artist exclaimed. “I was sleeping one night, and at about 3 a.m., the idea just came to me!”

“It’s definitely original,” drummer Neil Sims gushed. “The colors, the lines—it’s something that hasn’t been done before. And the accompanying layout as a whole is absolutely gorgeous.”

“Ets’i nice pik’chir fir’win’r pist!” bassist Ben Ellis added. “Aft’r i’wi’ll, et lorks’ lek th’ wil e’spinnin!”

“I don’t even know what that spikey thing supposed to be a drawing of,” vocalist Rob Dickinson mused. “I mean, it looks cool, but what IS it?”

Proposed disc art (copyright 2002 Brittany H.).

H.’s happiness, though not overt, brimmed with excitement—and relief.

“I had fun working on my project, but I certainly am glad it’s over with,” she said. “I went through some tough periods when I couldn’t think of anything for the layout, or how to pull it all together to form a succinct concept.”

H. let out a long, tired sigh and continued, “All-in-all, my efforts totaled at least 20 minutes. I am mentally drained. I am finished creating cover art for awhile!”

“The people have spoken!” Heather P. finished. “Thank God these people had good taste! We are very proud of the results and the progress that has been made. We are now looking at a 2011 release for the CWCC.”


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